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So you have found the wedding venue of your dreams, and are now trying to find out your decorating strategy – great! Some venues are very neutral in fashion, which can make things simple, but others will already have fairly intense color schemes or decoration in place, which can be more difficult to work around. These are some hints on decorating to suit your wedding venue. When it comes to decorating a church for your wedding ceremony, the color scheme shouldn’t be a huge element in your choices. If the church has an ugly mustard yellow carpet that clashes with the dresses you like for your bridesmaids, don’t be worried about it. They will be walking down the aisle for this brief time, and lots of your wedding photos will be taken elsewhere anyhow. Besides, for all you know, the church may alter the color of the carpet prior to your wedding. Select the colors you like for the church; no one will fault you for clashing with the present decorations of a house of worship. Are you searching about wedding and event design? Browse the earlier talked about website.

The reception differs, however. That is where your guests will spend most of their time, and it’s important to make a unified design. There is no need to match the venue’s colors just and in fact, that could be overkill, but it’s a good idea to harmonize with what is there. So if the walls of the reception are painted in a cool gray color, plan a wedding colour palette which either complements it say silver, lavender, and ice blue or one which intentionally contrasts with it like bright red. Avoid choosing colors that will really clash with the decor in place. Style matters too. Let’s say that you have reserved a grand ballroom for your reception. Everything that you select should be both grand. Choose an official silk dress with beading and ornate custom bridal jewelry, and decorate in tasteful colors like silver or burgundy. Tall formal centerpieces are the perfect design for the tall ceilings of a grand ballroom, whereas short vases of gerbera daisies are completely underwhelming and out of place.

By the same token, avoid very formal bridal apparel or grand custom jewelry for a reception at a rustic setting, and be careful about the way you mix modern design with traditional settings, as well as the reverse. Needless to say, if you love everything about your reception site except the colour scheme, there are some ways to work around it. Just bear in mind that your decorating expenses will be much higher when your strategy is to dramatically alter a space, rather than just trying to improve the present features. There are many ways to make changes, especially with lighting and fabric draping. You might need to hire a wedding planner if you would like to drastically transform a space. When you make a wedding style that works well with your website, everything will fall into place. The decoration will look more pulled together, and the entire effect will be more agreeable. It’s not always easy, but it will be well worth the time to plan wedding decorations which work well with the style of your reception venue.


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