ECN Trading Account for Professionals

ECN trading really is a stage that connects traders directly to inter bank liquidity providers without the help of any coping desk. With the introduction of new services and platforms that were advanced in foreign currency trading, professional traders immediately started to realize the advantages of trading within an ECN platform. ECN and direct market access are just two important theories in Forex trading which can be considered to have no conflict of interest between a broker and its customers. Trading on an ECN platform makes it possible for traders to ship their orders directly to the liquidity pool, and which will be full at market states and in line with the present volatility. ECN trading is regarded as the most straightforward type of Forex trading that makes it possible for a trader to interact directly with the market without worrying about any intrusion from any third parties. In the majority of situation, traders do enjoy a lot of anonymity at the liquidity markets, as agents do not usually reveal the foundation of the sequence to their own liquidity providers.

ECN Forex brokers are becoming incredibly popular among modern traders due to the multitude of great things about an ecn trading account. From a business’s perspective, agents would prefer to develop into market maker broker as a result of unlimited profit potential from dealers. As stated by verified statistics done on market participants and real live FX trading balances, it is estimated that almost 90 percent of traders lose money in the markets. Therefore, brokers can offset the costs of paying their winning dealers by receiving close to 90 percent of their revenue from dealers that lose consistently. ECN brokers are completely reverse to market makers, as there’s not any coping desk between a trader and the market. All orders are passed directly on the liquidity providers, where orders have been lapped up by the liquidity in the markets.

ECN agents connect their dealers to different liquidity providers, where the process of sequence fitting is done at the inter bank level. Liquidity providers may get the counter side of an arrangement at selling price or pass it to additional customers when there is enough liquidity from the markets. There is a less likelihood of an arrangement being refused by an ECN system, as a liquidity provider will have the ability to offer at least a partial fill according to the existing volatility and volumes. The disadvantage is that there might be significant slippages between the quoted price and also the entrance price since markets have been known to move considerably with the span of a couple of seconds. ECN Forex brokers only function as a middleman to these transactions, where all the fees of trading have been paid-as mark up spreads and commissions. Because of the quantity of liquidity from the ECN markets, traders gain access to the best pricing which promises up to 0 pip spreads. For that reason, ECN brokers can simply sustain their business model by charging a small commission per order. Some agents may also decide to include their commissions as mark-up spread, that enables dealers to enjoy whole ECN requirements without factoring in any extra costs of trading. ECN brokers encourage all sorts of trading plans with no reservations.

Since an ECN broker does not behave as some other counter party, traders may hedge, and exercise absolute freedom over their trades. Note that the brokers are likely to adhere to all the rules of trading as prescribed by the regulatory agencies. Learn more about ecn brokers at coinexx.


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